amazing adventures with nikki.

mother: you still weren't home & you didn't pick up your cell-phone. i thought you were lying on the street somewhere & the police would come to the door
...& i thought about how, when i'd answer the door, they'd see me in my peacoat & pyjamas

thanks infinitely, mom.
haw haw

colder days are not kind to me - my nose is home to compellingly large volumes of snot & my throat's dryness puts the sahara to shame. true story.

yesterday, i waddled out the back door, buckling under the weight of my basket of freshly laundered goodness, when the the door slammed shut.

upon realising that my key was in the inside of the door, i subsequently panicked.
when panicking didn't lead to miracles or any sort of spontaneous magical powers during the moments of duress, i decided to do the practical thing & hang my laundry to dry.

the act of hanging laundry eventually comes to pass & it was then that i decided to panic again :D

ran around the backyard like a diseased cow & chewed through branches & pounced on critters & climbed over the (locked) fence. (note that some portions of the last sentence may or may not have been embellished)

eventually clawed my way into the street & harassed a neighbor & technology felt lovely against my ears & dad eventually came bearing salvation in the form of house key.


the health department is apparently raising the price of mixed alcoholic drinks in an attempt to combat underage binge drinking.
i don't think it'll be very effective, but personally, it doesn't concern me.

& now a pic-spam from when we went to the vineyards:


  1. Nikki, you're hilarious. And you look fine with a cold ^^

  2. I once locked my self out side, so I did what any mature 24 year old would do, I had a spaz attack and called the door names, Only to realise I could have just walked inside from the garadge. Did I feel like a fool? yep.

  3. Don't be cold & sickly. Come to North America during one of those cold months & chill in summer, summertime, the summertime conditions about to hit all of us over in this hemisphere. I suppose though that right now isn't good since it's allergy season. hah hah

    Recently I thought I'd dropped the garage key somewhere in between the house & either inside or outside the garage. I went nuts looking through my pockets. It was in my pocket but I was freaked out cuz the larger part of the keychain fell off & I was trying to feel around for it.

    yeah, suck ass story. sorry, my bad. Not a wino myself. I like vodka & tequila more than the red or white alcohol with caffeine.

  4. Hi, your gorgeous and I love all of these photos. :)
    xxx Kayley

  5. Nicely written, and I really like the photographs. Keep up the great work.

  6. yahoo, you've been to MY VALLEY!
    for wine tasting of course!
    I like our winters.