picture heavy.

went to my seventh grade singing exam at the 'australian musical examinations board' on tuesday.

in a situation where you're asked to choose between tree-stump grinding or needlepoint, you pick the tree stumps. in this post, my exam would equate with needlepoint & hence, we will not discuss it..

pictures, in all tree-stump glory:

hughberry was (& forever will be) my amazing accompanist.

we found a queen-bee several stops down & i was eternally glad because i like queen-bee a lot & even more than dried mangoes, which is an ample lot.

my friends are heavy drinkers.

& now for some phenomenal celebrity-look-alikes;

gemma ward

e.t.'s filthy mistress


  1. i like the pic of the blond with the moving subway train. her hand a sense of movement in the opposite direction of the moving train.

    i guess the examinations board is like conservatory levels here ?

    no doubt you did well :)

    + is interesting you appear to have double decker subway trains there. something i've never seen...

  2. those last two pictures are disterbed me, but only them two/

  3. your photographs are fabulous! You should totally upload some to Tailcast!! haha, yep.. broken record, but you should!! :))

    and some of your singing vids!


  4. More amazing adventures in public transportation. It must have been a glorious day. Dried mangoes are a delightful snack. I'm not good with needles unless all they're going to be used for is drawing blood. That doesn't bother me as long as they don't prick me more than twice.

    I was a heavy drinker on Wednesday & Thursday last week. Too much propel & various soda's.

    P.F. Chang's is delicious. I need more of that glorious chinese food.

  5. Oh. I love your photos. =)

    Im missin you on youtube. I think I might stop by and comment your page..like the ol days. haha


  6. lol...

  7. I have travelled on train carriage number T4114 too. One of the chairs didn't reverse, so I had to travel backwards. I travelled on T4115 only a few days lucky... what an amazing coincidence, I thought.