just quickly.

on a whim, i clicked the 'statistics & data' button for my 'Dear Inspiration' video & discovered the 'premium' category.

what on earth?

i always instinctively associate the word 'premium' with beef, & i was momentarily offended at youtube for calling me processed meat.

anyway, i think this is just pain talking.
my limbs are still so painful & everytime i move, my head decides to die a little. i also think there are gremlins breeding in my stomach.
(i had to ring queenie at five thirty a.m. this morning asking her to take my shift. I'M SO SORRY. I LOVE YOU.)


  1. how dare youtube call your kick ass videos beef, if you want me to i'll send the gnome on to them. we now work together me and the gnome

  2. I associate the word premium with gasoline..petroleum..Oil..The black stuff you put into your vehicle to make it go vroom vroom.

    I like Beef. Happy Cows come from California (despite the overcrowding problem)