short & superficial

went to le bull last night because rose demanded that we partake in the viewing pleasure of her guitar idol, who was on drums that night. my ears are still ringing, but it could quite possibly just be my electric fan & the jarring sounds of the neighbours' pavement being, you know, re-paved.

matty of the rockstar variety was also in my vicinity by fluke, i say, fluke! he had the set before rose's to catch... this odd timing business is wickedinsane.

anyway, happysnaps of rose, nerida & i:

aaaaand, nerida looks like cate blanchett...yes yes oh yay?!


  1. Your friend does look like Kate Blanchette.

    Who's your favorite Nazi?
    look @ the comments for your last post. hah hah

    Mickey's Christmas Carol always gets me in the Christmas mood.

  2. i have a girl crush on the women in your bakery and by women i really only mean Queenie, Rose and Nerida.
    Mostly Rose.
    also christmas is coming up. hintity hint hint.

    i can haz?

  3. totally unrelated comment but your wackiness brings a sense of peace & happiness.

    very similar to the effect created when using riddles in Zen Buddhism.

    keep doing what you're doing...:)