It's ten forty pm on a Tuesday night, and there are only hours until I will be unable to include "university student" in any sort of personal description.

I will have my last class ever tomorrow. I don't know how I feel about this. Actually I do - relieved but immensely terrified - but for simplicity's sake, I'll just say throw concrete emotion to the wind and bask in some faux-indecision.

I've come back from the gym, where my favourite, very handsome receptionist greeted me with the smile I would sacrifice my meals for (HUGE CALL!), just to have said smile continuously thrown for my personal amusement. I swear, there are no such thing as lesbians, only girls who have not met handsome-receptionist-fiend.

He fired his obligatory, "Hey! How are you today?" doused in smile (cue swooning), and I responded quite fruitily with the pace of one who knows no such thing as pauses, "Ijustwokeupfromanap! ItwasAMAZING!"
He asked through chuckles, "How many hours was it?" and I responded with 4 glorious hours! He laughed and said, "That wasn't a nap."
"What was it then?" I asked. 
"That," with impeccable pace, he said, "was a sleep".
I threw around whatevers and rolling eyes, he humored me and threw around laughter. By the time I got to the treadmill, the face was grinning and the heart pumping!

This is ridiculous. I am twenty, soundly aware of my overall person, and still, I feel like an acne-riddled adolescent and get excited when attractive people show me the time of day. Hopeless!

But moving on, I really did come straight home from uni today and fall into a delicious slumber. The days leading up to the culmination of my academic servitude have been intense. Yesterday, I left the house at six thirty in the morning in order to get to Hannah's house and trudge off to film one final interview at eight. Made our way to uni, and aside from attending my last ever Magazine Publishing class, spent the day in the film lab, possibly in the fetal position, finishing off our project. We walked out of that lab at nine twenty that evening, and with exhaustion and offending sleepiness on my back, the one hour commute home was quite possibly the most excruciating train ride I have ever experienced.

Handed the finished film in today and felt vastly disappointed with the realisation that this was my last ever Television and Current Affairs class. So grateful to have had such a thrilling and inspiring lecturer in Mark Bannerman, who actually works at the ABC on Four Corners and the 7:30 report. WE LOVE YOU MARK! There is now a group on Facebook aptly titled "The Mark Bannerman Appreciation Society" for which I might possibly be an admin... Um.

And because it's virtually an impossibility for me to walk away from a blog entry without a picture dump, I leave with some stills from our copious amounts of footage - five and a bit hours worth of footage, to be precise. Naturally, I have an overwhelming amount of scenes to screenshot, but I only picked a handful to show:

So goodnight, I have my screenplay to refine for tomorrow, which ideally if I don't fail anything, will be the last assessment I ever have to hand in.

I leave you with three picture of me being an uninspired pirate wench from the weekend:


  1. I have a nearly 5 year old cousin that dressed as a pirate for Halloween too. He had red + white striped pants. It really made the costume. Then again, who can compete with a 5 year old when it comes to Halloween, hah hah

    I spent Halloween writing about Aristotle. Wild, I know. Then I wrote about Michel Foucault. Then about Jean-Francois Lyotard and his articulation of the post-modern condition.

    Apparently we're already out of the post-modern. Readjust your calendars accordingly. hah hah

    Now that you're done with University, it's time for a musical world tour. Now it's up to you to decide if that last statement was in jest or absolute seriousness

  2. just.... do what i did, do more uni.
    b.sci -> M.pharm. good transition.

    i love those 4 hour naps...
    and i get how you act when someone attractive gives you the light of day....
    i'm sure you show the light to a number of guys... right?

  3. Congrats on finishing uni!!
    what happened with the guy from the mx? did you coffee with him?


  5. I read the whole page - you're a talented writer as well as videomaker and songer!

    Great pics, looks like you know how to have fun! I like your pirate costume, very attractive!

    I tend to overuse exclamation points. don't I?

    Congrats on finishing Uni and best wishes in whatever you do!!!

  6. @Jeremy. Only do more uni if you feel you want to. I did 5 years and it was enough. I was offered honours but all I wanted to do was get the hell out of there!

    And I don't regret it for a moment.

  7. @Aussie Unionist.
    with $58k for the two years, it was an expensive decision.... but I don't regret it. will be 6 years total.

    honours later for a better clinical position, or postgrad med... but we'll see.

    What did you do?