Merry Christmas everyone!

This morning while buttering some prawns and minding my own business, I had the privilege of being whacked on the arse. "HEY!" I yelped, as I clutched my surprised and mildly painful bottom. As it turns out, the fly everyone wanted dead had picked my l'arj-ass as its place of respite.

That's all. Back to Nom, Round 2! Hope y'all have an eventful and love-filled Christmas!



  1. Murry Christmas Nikki. I bought a whole bunch of stuff for my cousins & some nephews & nieces. It all got received very warmly. I'm berry pleased. Looks like you had a great one too. Familial shenanigans shall resume in the day & night today (Christmas morning) and now below:


    it's what the Christmas Day Captcha told me to type to bring you these Christmas greetings. 2010 had its moments for me but a lot of it sucked too. Hope I have a better 2011. Hope u have a great 2011 as well.