One large child in leotards & zebra-printed stockings. Can be seen attempting to curl into foetal position, but fails miserably because her flexibility is as awesome as a ham & cheese sandwich without the ham or the cheese.

The large child speaks little sense on most occasions & is in constant pursuit of edible things like chocolate, mushroom risotto & notebook paper.

If you look like any (or both!) of the handsome responsible men below, please claim your specie-confused child immediately. Thank you.

I spent a portion of the day writing a song, WITH WHICH I AM MOST DISPLEASED.
It's a novelty song, but melodically sounds...serious. Ugh. If I try to pass it off as a normal song though, the weirdness of the lyrics is as conspicuous as my pantylines in white pants! Oh disparity, why must you be so unkind to me?!

That, & I have a terrible case of writer's block. There's a (short) story in my head with emotions as lovely as understated cocktail dresses, characters with longings matched only by the lack of expectation, & oh dear I have no words. Every day I don't write this, I forget something about the smiles that accompany the dialogue or the terrible impatience of self-control. I forget, I forget, I forget.

Sorry, I get emotionally erratic when my art refuses to take shape. Grr.

Anyway, to part, I leave with an image from a photo-meme I was working on, which I probably wont complete on account of it being very tedious. But here:

19. A picture of you with someone you love
: :D

Oh, in response to SuperJV's comment from previous blog post - No, I will not be putting my written work back up on the net. I took them down because I found some of my work plagiarised, & I don't want to risk it again. I'm sorry. It's a shame though, I always loved hearing the feedback on my literature. But c'est la vie, eh?

Foux De Fa Fa!


  1.'ve just done something that makes me doubtful of you.
    Zebra print on anything beyond a flat surface just seems wrong to me.

    Actually, It's a negative visual bias that I have. I end up visualizing things that I don't like more often then not. The other major one would be mixing pink paint that looks like it belongs on a princess dress when I really just wanted a slightly lighter red....

    I'm gonna stop boring you with my visual diarrhea...that last bit doesn't make sense does it, wtf?

  2. Miss Porridge, Miss Porridge, I can't sleep until I know -- are you on the short list for the Best Job In The World thing?

  3. hey nikki, I came across your song "If I Wrote A Letter To Myself" when surfing the internets, is there any place I can download it? I have fallen in love with it!

  4. Surprisingly enough, I also came across the very same song included in one of your videos. I'm not the type of person that gets connected to Youtube, eventually because I nothing worth sharing, or no proper camera to record it properly.

    (Here I go. I start talking talking talking and to hell with the reason I intended to post to begin with, right? I'm sure you know a lot about this too)

    What I really wanted to say is that I like that picture of yours. The Zeba print is interesting and not often seen nowadays, not the way you captured it.

    That's that. Kudos and write back.

  5. Hey babyfreakingporridge, long time listener, first (maybe second?)time caller. This is more related to your last blog; but can I send you a copy of my novel (to a PO Box, of course), or leave one in a public place where you'll find it and eventually garner your opinion? I like your POV, and would like to hear your slant on it...

    That's my book, but I'd like to give you a copy... LMK.

    BTW, Ako'y isang malaking tagahanga ng manila masyadong