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This morning, I had every intention of throwing around words about a new fascination of mine, until I was rear-ended by another car, & decided, that perhaps a shift in today's blog content would be appropriate. When I say 'I was rear-ended', it is not actually my dramatically bad use of metaphor coming into play, I meant it in the absolute literal sense of ZOMG MY CAR GOT HIT.

If my car could talk, I think she'd say that she's not too fond of the homo-erotic experience. I may be a little presumptuous to say that she probably doesn't appreciate it up the arse, but that is her business!

So tomorrow, I have the gleeful task of attaining a repairs quote & taking a poor soul's money.

What I had initially intended to blog about was how the $2 markup on asparagus is taking a decisive toll on my quality of life. Really? No, not really.

Parkour has recently been brought to my attention like the fact that test-tube babies aren't actually grown in petri-dishes has recently been brought to my attention. & BY GOSH, I am utterly fascinated by parkour & harbouring the resolve to learn. DEAR AGILITY OF MINE, GOOD FREAKING LUCK.

But I insist on you watching the following youtube clip featuring David Belle, who is largely credited for founding parkour. Not only did the video get a chortle out of this esophagus, but Mr. Belle is also quite easy on the eyes. By 'quite easy on the eyes', I might actually mean 'absolutely delicious'. Now, watch:

I think what makes parkour so appealing to me is the extent of discipline required of mind & body, & hot damn would I like some! Not to mention, I might actually have something more credible than my overworked 'I can do origami' catchphrase when faced with an assailant in a dark alleyway or the underside of a bus.

I did say that a driving theme of 2009 is fitness, & while I am quite proud of my dedication thus far, I feel like I'm hitting a plateau in terms of its physical manifestation. Or maybe it's just the fact that I can't reconcile my desire t0 look fit with my desire to stay in kahoots with my first love, which inevitably happens to be food & its constant consumption! Ay, Dios Mio, I don't know. But I do know that parkour is sexy, & I want in.

I have papers to write & ups to push, so my disappearance starts now!


  1. Nikki. Good luck.
    And try, oh TRY, not to break any bones.

  2. Nikki it's so funny how some things distant to some is so common to others. Parkour is actually very common in my nieghborhood; some what rural. The youth use it all the time to break into or trespass on gated property. However, they have an hipper (more hip) name for it which I don't remember at this time. Mushroom risotto huh? I knew you were on mushrooms. I can't wait to tell all the drugies! And those zebra-printed stockings are absolutely hideous! Nevertheless, I adore you and will support you regardless the extreme. :)

  3. Hey Porridge AKA Nikki,

    Your mind and mannerisms make me smile. I have seen some of your movies on you tube.

    Parkour is, well not an activity you undergo to get fit or to strengthen your mind and body. That needs to be there before you attempt to try this.

    You are easy on the eyes to, an old friend of mine had his eyelid caught on a barbed fence “practicing his new methods” of Parkour. He made the jump at least and kept going the cracker! But anyway wear goggles, very loose clothing. The angles and directions your body goes when you push it is really a buzz.

    I like your pages, I will come and visit again one of these days.


  4. Aw I made Nikki chortle! Big ass jokes work every time...

  5. Hey Nikki,
    There's a whole parkour community in Australia which has been growing over the past few years.
    There are basic skills classes run every weekend in the major cities of Australia. I'm not sure where you're located: http://www.sydneyparkour.com/forums/index.php?topic=2.msg2#msg2
    You might want to check out the FAQ about classes before you jump to any conclusions: