A completely gratuitous post

Occasionally, the inspiration to straighten out my wardrobe hits me like a beastly uppercut across the chin. I should note that I am eternally addicted to dress-ups; that, or I just have a nagging compulsion to try on forgotten pieces of clothing every so often to see if they still fit and/or to gauge how much tighter around my midsection the offending piece is this time. 

So whenever I do plan for a bit of cleaning, I invariably end up with more clothes strewn everywhere.  

Here is a lacy black number I found, which you can't see, on account of my face is taking up more than its advisable share of the frame.

I then spent the majority of the day in a bikini top, a high-waisted skirt, black stockings and cream pumps. I assure you that the visual is much more ridiculous than it sounds. And I devoured my sister's popcorn. I don't even like popcorn.


The 'Nix-fix-quick-and-tasty' salad contains: rocket leaves, feta cheese, cranberry bits (craisins!) and some chunky spinach and chunky pumpkin dip as le indulgent dressing.

After which, I decided it was time to be creepy. 

And here I am proliferating the fact that looking normal in photos is as familiar to me as bathing with milk, honey and candied gels (or even bathing at all...)

You must be thinking, "Geez, child. Quit making a fool of yourself and broadcasting it to the shitternets. Do something constructive with your time, you wayward derelict! Find a job perhaps!"

Well...[what was previously written here has now been removed for my security]...JUST KNOW THAT I DO HAVE A JOB! And will start in April! :D


  1. Nikki, you are ever so cool :) haha

  2. "I devoured my sister's popcorn. I don't even like popcorn."

    and hilarious revelations like this are a big part of why I continue reading. It's all too entertaining to stop reading now. I could go for some "craisins" right about now.

    Today, I witnessed "The Great One" shill his Wine label at the Olympics Ontario pavilion today.

    Who is "The Great One"? I'll leave that to be a new discovery between you and Google.

  3. I am glad to hear you got the job, but you do realise that there are going to be creepy looking persons loitering in the vicinity hoping to stalk you, now they have a location. Look out for people who are drooling.

  4. Congrats on getting the job Nikki