Life lessons in cynicism / Half-baked prose

Eventually, everything ends the same way. You pay for your television, your water heating, a month at a time. Soon, you'll find that you'll pay for your regret in the same way. In installments. Maybe a little grief in the half-light of the digital clock's blinking neon, weeks down the track. Maybe a jolt of restless despair in the routine cup of morning tea.

So really, it doesn't matter if your head's full of clouds when your heart's full of lead. The only way still is down, down, down. (Then it's dead, dead, dead.)


  1. I'm not sure if I believe this guise of pessimism. Then again, I have a cruel sense of humour. I was inside a Winter Olympics pavilion recently touting a currently under construction "Canadian Museum for Human Rights". They had photos going w/ large pieces of paper saying "I Have the Right to (insert answer here). I jokingly said that somebody should write down "commit genocide" as an answer. The humor would come from seeing whether people would think that that person is serious or not.

    Yeah, I can be disturbingly grim and pessimistic at times. After a certain point, it's perfectly justifiable. A bit of pessimism, skepticism and darkness is perfectly fine sometimes.

    Of course this is all just speculative jest. sorry about that. Feel free to get back to the regularly scheduled program. I'm currently overexercised because of Olympic pavilions.


  2. this is SO fight club.

  3. truly there is nothing worse than regret. being "stuck in a moment you can't get out of". but no life of any consequence is free of regret.

    best to you, Nikki