Love and assorted maladies.

Hi all,

It's fifty-three minutes into the internationally acknowledged day of love. So I'll just put this out there - I love ice-cream. As in, I love ice-cream. It's probably the most stable and most fulfilling relationship of longevity I've ever had... Let me share the love:

I'm sitting at home on a Saturday night (/early Sunday morning) typing up a blog post for the internets. This is the first weekend in the last month I have not had a twenty-first to attend. And as much as I love the hum of drunken glee and friendly faces, it's a little refreshing, actually, just sitting on my ass, enjoying my own brand of glorified stink and basking in my familiar-but-comfortable social detachment. (That said, I think I only have one weekend in the upcoming three-months that is not taken up by celebratory aging-festivities, not kidding...)

Writing-wise, I feel a little bit like a woman with menopause - barren and slightly flustered. I don't have much of relevance to spill. Sorry. So I guess this is an opportunity to just share recent snaps. So, without further ado, what rhymes with 'pimage hump'?

Image dump, of course!

This is Corey.

This is Corey in the midst of shaving his head. Please note my incredible contribution to this activity, as evidenced by the charmingly tied strand.

The aftermath.

You remember Rossco, Greek-guitarist-extraordinaire.

Fun fact: Ross owns no mirror, only 'Jack the Rapist' below. I can't say for sure who gets more use out of the other...

Rossco took this.

Currently waiting (very impatiently) for Final Cut Pro to compress my recently finished video so that I may upload it to the youtubes just in time for Valentines Day. The video is perfectly reminiscent of the day it acknowledges - equal parts cheesily sincere and equal parts stupid! That's Happy Valentines Day for you, folks!

Love to all of you! And turd. Lots of turd.


  1. I'm trying extra hard to avoid anything Valentine's Day related this year.

    It's easier since the Winter Olympics are going on in my city of Vancouver. Hijinks will ensue. Today I stuffed my face with a variety of tasty free foods at the Atlantic Canada provinces Pavilion. I paired it with a beer from one of several well known breweries from the region. I got a few weeks off. Jump on a plane and join me for some Winter Olympic Insanity, on my 2 weeks off, hah hah.

  2. Yum, ice-cream.

    Also it seems like your weekends are amazingly packed! Packed in a way that almost makes the festivities seem a little mundane.. haha, I love lazing around too. Love the feeling of not having anything to do and taking my sweet time doing absolutely. nothing.


  4. Ice cream is always a good thing.