the imbalance of circumstance.

i feel weightless, but i feel restrained.
circumstance is full of ironies right now, but in time everything will unravel.

i'll tell you then.



  1. very interesting pic there Nikki

    hope you find some balance soon.

    - rare stranger

  2. interesting visual indeed.
    I like good irony. I'm guessing your loaded full of the negative variety.

    Hope it all plays out favorably.

    "In case I don't see ya. Good Morning, Good evening, and Goodnight"

  3. softness and loveliness

  4. aww, *hugs*

    I like your Photoshop skills. I want to obtain them.

  5. what he said ^^
    (in a aless creepy way)

  6. apparently i cannot spell.

  7. A Lot of good stuff here and on the same breath I'm asking myself - a) what is the motive? b) do you strum minor chords? c) blah blah word usage

  8. this weekend you will see my awesomeness in the flesh, just try to contain your self when I bring the sexy

  9. What a beautiful imagery.

  10. this picture portrays the meaning really well. good job


  11. love your work ,maybe you could speak out about the slavery of drug laws, the other side likes fucking my computer, so i never get anything on the net much. regards the motorcycle messiah.