mental health day

i stayed home today & did absolutely nothing productive, bar the laundry (which i didn't even fold. ho ho ho).

i don't recall the last time i had absolutely no commitments - uni, work, social or otherwise - & had an actual day for myself. & I TOTALLY CELEBRATED IT IN STYLE, running amok the way snakes might, had they some legs, & getting the creative juices pump-pump-pumping the way i do at the servo station... oh yeahhhhh.

with a new youtube video comes the plethora of unused footage, & i decided to take screenshots that are testament to how attractive my expressions actually are. with no further ado, this is nikki - redefining poise:

anyway, it's been an eventful week. i meant to blog after hilary's twenteenth on the weekend, but as senility often hits the young, supple adult, i don't remember all the profound things i would have spilled, so images of the beautiful hil will have to suffice. (she's glowinggg) :

also, i keep receiving assorted foodstuffs from the male variety while at work. i guess my physique makes no secret of what is important to me in this lifetime (FOOOOODZZZ). thank you suitors, past present & future. i am easily bribed by food (as you already know), empty promises to neverland, thumbtacks, & terrible car smells!

would just like to take a moment to say i am grateful for many things, clumsiness being the most unexpected source of thanks. this one's for you, rare stranger.

good night chiklets.


  1. your expressions are the super hotness. There isn't anything more attractive than a woman that isn't too serious about her expressions.
    It's called personality.

    Lucky you being all free. I got an essay on The Secret Journal of Alexander Mackenzie & The Englishman's Boy due next week that will be evaporating my weekend aside from a family birthday for the variety of tiny toddler cousin just fresh in preschool. Ehhh, family chills are cool

  2. heyy! i was watching your vids on youchoob--- and just posted your ambition song on my blog :D

    then i saw that you had a blog! which is, dare i say, even more awesome than your channel :)

    keep up the FABULOUS work! :P hehe

    tap back~


  3. aspirations song** :P


  4. Like rachel may, i'm here because of your YouTubity.

    Thought you'd like to know.

    PS the pic second from the top? That's the one to use on your next passport. Def.

  5. Really nice to read so much information from such a nice, intelligent person.

    Take care and have a nice day!