you will be jealous.

this is what nikki & min get up to when left to own devices, behind closed doors.
ze sexual tension is undeniable.


  1. Jealous? Me?



  2. This is like my worst nightmare. Two of my favourite Sydney girls turning into monsters!

    I would not trust either of you wearing masks. Take that how you will.

  3. monster make-out sessions make visits to your manse epic.

    P.s. Sooo wearing Goddard when I see Rohan next.

  4. Geez, that clown mask creeps me out D:

  5. Is this under the influence of beelzebub? If so, SCARY. If it's all in good fun...I'm freaked out by your mask Nikki but Min's just brings me happy memories of her videos, Twisted Metal, & Tim Curry in "IT", :-P

    anter will verify my nonsensical mumblings in response to your reasonably coherent blog entry.

  6. Do it!