the above was the very first picture of myself on my new canon 1000D. am totally breaking it in, self-indulgent style!

anyway, the smallest creature of my family turned fourteen & had a small celebration of sorts. i was the appointed pho-ho-to-ma-tographer for the night. MY FAVOURITE SNAPS ARE AS FOLLOWS:

i really really really like the next one of ze mama & za papa. it's the classiest they've ever been:

& this is what happens when you let small children maneuver the camera. chopped limbs & the like!

anyway, i'm out of here (here being e-space) like diarrhea from a queasy gut!

hey, to the stranger who brought me a mango at work, thanks. 'twas an unexpected & refreshing present, much like when the school bully only punches out four of your teeth instead of the six he originally threatened to. refreshing, i say!


  1. Sooo jealous of your new clicky-snappy-thingy right now, especially after these pics. Keep sharing!

  2. Ooo! Got here through youtube. Just wanted to say that I love your writings and your voice is impeccably mellifluous.

    I think you're awesome! =D

  3. wow...fancy shmancy new Camera...I bet it's got some sort of ultra high resolution that eats up hard drive space like a kid with candy on Halloween.

    Mango surprise...random gifts of produce. It must be your lucky day.
    Fourteen...That's a dramatic age. Happy Birthday to the Small One.

    I'm the (not so) Smallest creature of my family. I wanna pick up Hellboy II & be the movie junkie I am but am too busy on the essay tip. Saw Madagascar Escape 2 Africa yesterday night & it was entertaining. Not as much surprise over discovering their natural instincts in this one though but plenty of good stuff.

    uhh...later Beautiful :-D
    (I must come across like processed cheese :-P)

  4. that's great you got yourself a nice SLR. be good to see some on dA.

  5. omg love your kitchen!

  6. My

  7. Once only. No point since I don't stand in queues. But baby you are sweeter than honey dews. Rabbits are admiring you from afar. If you feel a warmth from the West {ofOz}, assume its this rabbit with longing in his breast.

    Tis the clarity and strength of thy mind, such a rare thing in your sex or mine, so rare that for itself would I pine for your love if it could ever be mine. But it can't since a fresh young doe art thou, and it can't because a scruffy old buck am I, so all I can say is adieu, my dear bunnykins live long and well.

    ---Rabbitvoz. (the real rabbit)