Will update more later. Am getting my vanity on and getting ready for Hugh's 21st tonight. Yeow!


  1. to use a few cliches

    you're a vision in Red

    I wish that the:

    Lady in Red, is dancing with me.

    I've just been very bad. I referenced that horrifically memorable track from the 80s. The guy that wrote that is still living large off the royalties of it. Can't remember. Think he was German.

    You were giggin
    Next time can you gig somewhere closer to my side of the pacific :-P

  2. bit of a warning, This may or may not be a long comment...

    OK first I want to say again...CONGRATS! It's sooo awesome that you've been able to get yourself out there. I mean, it was only a few months ago when you were telling me how you wanted to play gigs at clubs and here you are!!! I KNEW knew knew you could do it. I just freakin' knew it, so congrats on that. ALSO, I wanted to say that...Hold on...I just forgot... Oh well I'll move on. As far as your photography career and artistic endeavors...It's only a matter of time baby eater. Fun fact, while I was in Australia I went to three different bookstores (quite a feat when you don't know where any particular book store is) and searched for a book on starting a photography business. It was supposed to be a lame birthday present but every bookstore was out (I still have the ISBN number though) and we never ran into each other again anyways, but I realize that I didn't need to get that freakin' book for you because you're totally going to just dazzle everyone with those skills of yours.

    I know, I know, I've given you loads of compliments over the months. At this point I think it's been well over a year since I've known of the babyporridge, and every time I see you succeed and inch closer and closer to your goals, it gets me all giddy, no joke.

    SO Nikki "the man eater" Malvar, I hope you party like there's no tomorrow, I hope you're as vain as you want to be, and I hope that you have all the confidence in the world that you can do everything you've ever imagined yourself doing.

    I'm insanely happy for you Nikki and I hope you relish these moments because you totally deserve them.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I warned you!

  3. You look amazing in that dress. :) hope it all went well. :)

  4. Those legs!

  5. I hope people could still concentrate on your music after seeing you like that :) you look stunning.

  6. hoy tilapia!! hope the gig went well. you did not return my email. estoy en foz de iguasu. latest update from you know who.

  7. btw, did you deposit the funds?

  8. Dear Nikki,


    Any Vid clips of the Gig?

    Can't really leave a reasonable comment on a picture.

    I stumbled on your vids and thought about listening to you live at your 1st gig but obviously didn't make it.


    All the best..

    "Thank You come again"


  9. Who am I? Fella Dann, formerly known as Pequenorapaz, owner of former http://taximitric.blogspot.com.

    Who are you? Person I haven't seen or spoken with for ages (not that I ever did to begin with!) and dearly miss (I'm good at lying, I know.)

    Rock, rock, paper, paper, scissors!

    There you go. I cropped this bit of text and for my amusement, I'll handle it personally to Jesus. He'll like it.

    On-topic, you look good, and better even, you sound good. And ha ha ha, ain't the Aussie accent getting its way through you linguistic tongue-movements? Yes, it bloody is.

    Go pay a visit. My renamed blog is http://theviajator.blogspot.com -- And it's just a mindless place, just as a-like.


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