october is for births.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the majority of you have not lived. Unless you can actually say that you've had your piece of cake stabbed my elbow, then you haven't lived. Mona, however, has certainly lived.

Instances like this reinforce why I should never be let out in public. But she still ate the cake, mind you. That could be testament to a) how much of a trooper Mona is, b) how delicious the cake was, or c) how much my (unmoisturised) elbow-assault probably made her night. I like to think it was c). It's always about me, damnit.

Giselle's 80's-prom-themed-21st was a chill way to spend my Saturday evening. I had the fearful premonition that I'd spend the evening as a wallflower since I did not know her crowd, and also because my social skills are not much evolved from pond rocks. Fortunately, I found some familiar faces and even...I daresay it, made new acquaintances. It should also be noted that, while I love the western social paradigm, very few things beat the food at asian gatherings. By that I mean there is ALWAYS real food. And lots of it. None of this finger-food crap. And if you've read my blog enough, you know it's unnecessary for me to detail just how much I get into food. I get into food in a big way, alright.

Anyway, happy-snaps:

Disregard the fact that I look pregnant in the next photo. But it was the only (almost) full-length photo I found:

Aaaand the next photo, being a 'milestone photo', deserves its own special mention. For the past four years, I have been wanting to meet this fine specimen named 'Stef'. Stef is very close pals with Hilary, who I met on myspace back when I could freely admit to using it without fearing an onslaught of judgment... and now the Hilaroo and I are close pals. For the past four years, I've been hearing anecdotes about this hilarious individual, and lo and behold, I finally met her in the flesh:

Seriously, how stunning is she?! Stef tooted my own horn and said she stalked my own pictures and whatnot and has heard many an anecdote about me from Hilary. After needing to disappear for a ciggy, Stef immediately came back and relayed her boyfriend Duncan's, also a fine human being, comment. "I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here," he said, "but is that... babyporridge?"

Caught up in my own fangirling and then having them acknowledge / know of me... well you can imagine the hearty amounts of squeeing I did. OR CAN YOU?

These next couple of months are going to blaze on so quickly. October is essentially my last month of academic study, so that means a whole lot of being frantic. On top of this, everyone gets horny and goes at it on New Years Eve, which is why all the proverbial buns pop out of the proverbial ovens in October. Can we say more twenty-first parties? Oh you bet we can. Just off the top of my head, my tentative party schedule is as follows:

  • 9th - MY GIG !1!!11one (which I know doesn't count as a party, but we shouldn't think me above drunken festivities after the professional portion of the night is over)
  • 10th - Hugh's 21st
  • 18th - Hugh's 21st, part 2 (You wish I were kidding)
  • 24th - Min's 20th
  • 30th - Szwec's halloweeeeen party
  • 31st - Daniel's 21st
And come mid-November, I fly off to the homeland (AGAIN :D) just for three weeks though, to accompany Isabelle for when her school semester ends. We cut the trip short on account of her wanting to come back just in time for her formal.

And just on a really abrupt parting note, I thought I should say that the only thing better than a Hayley G Hoover blog entry is a conversational thread of Hayley G Hoover personal messages sent straight to your facebook inbox. Oh yeahhhh.


  1. I very much enjoyed this entry - which, considering my extremely hung-over state, is really saying something.

    Where's the motherland for you then? Mine's Japan :D

  2. how coincidental! my friend is having a 1988 prom night for her 21st in a couple weeks time!
    Any idea's an an outfit? I am hoping you managed to grab ideas and help me out in my desperate plea for fashion advice!

  3. I can openly admit that I have cake stabbed.

    Have fun in the homeland. Hope that where your family is over there wasn't badly damaged by the recent typhoons and such.

    Oh and your jam for October is Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time"

    How's that for some late 80s early 90s obscure pop culture references. I'm slightly ashamed that I mildly enjoy Mr. Murphy's semi-serious song and video done as a condition for hosting the MTV VMAs some year back in the day.

  4. Hi Nikki, I listened to your song on Youtube and think you have a great voice I might just come and listen on Friday if I can find some company to bring with me

  5. http://editorial.sidereel.com/Images/Editorial%20Features/FOTC_bromance.jpg

  6. Congrats on the gig! I knew you could make it happen.

  7. Jealous of your schedule. Mine goes something like this:

    20th Exam
    21st Exam
    22nd Exam
    23rd Exam
    24th Exam
    25th Die

    But come November and here is Schoolies. I am excited. Good luck with your gig babyface.

  8. Bugger I even live close but couldn't get to your gig tonight on account of having a crappy umbrella and tired mate! I was hanging out to see you sing live.. Hope the gigging deflowering was awesome!!

  9. congrats on your gig Nikki. I'm sure you won them all over.