Blogging is a huge priority [extremely picture heavy]

Look, I won't lie.

See that title? Well, let me clarify it a little for you. I thought about blogging, for days now actually. Thought about blogging on my drive home this afternoon as the sun glinted nicely off my bird-pooped-on windscreen. Situated myself in front of the computer, did the token back stretch in preparation for blogging, then I thought long and hard about blogging while looking at pretty pictures and playing some tetris.

And how! Look where we are now.

....The ridiculous thing is, the above words were written on Monday evening. It is currently Thursday evening. Time has elapsed, Kanye West died, Kanye West regrettably did not really die, the desire to blog remained present, and still, my wordcount remained unsubstantial .

Ridiculous, I say.

I'm so exhausted, but not unfulfilled. Today was productive, if by productive we mean I have tired (and smelly) feet attached to weary legs, am a few dollars poorer from beers, and have read an admirer note possibly penned to me in mx - the free paper.

No, really. Today was productive. Spent the morning in the editing suite logging and capturing footage for our tv journalism final project. We're doing our story on parkour - obviously am excited about the subject matter and the talent we get to work with. The thrilling thing is that I managed to capture the entire tape. The not so thrilling thing is that there are currently three other tapes in my bag left to capture.

Made our way to UNSW, also known as The University of New South Wales or 'that campus that regrettably is a lot more attractive than ours' to film an interview with a law professor. Being journalism students, we couldn't just film a lovely promo piece for parkour, so we're exploring public liability and legality with regards to parkour. Much to my annoyance, we discovered that the equipment store supplied us the wrong cable, and as a result, we could not attach the external mic to the camera. So I totally had to put aside my patent perfectionism, swallow my dignity, and settle for the sub-par sound quality of the in-built mic.

(By the way, any reference to apparent perfectionism is a joke. A funny one at that!)

Fortuitously, Djordje txtd me earlier of a training session occurring on those very grounds! So we got around to filming more footage, although I should clarify that Angus filmed more footage while Lauren and I ogled and perved. Maybe I shouldn't speak for Lauren though, so in that case, fine, I did it - all the ogling and perving. It was all me!

We needed to interview Shaun, but the lousy in-built mic and the wind were a most ill-fated couple, so Djordje was gracious enough to drive us all back to uni to obtain a functioning lead for the external mic. The interview went swimmingly, and Djordje, Shaun and I headed to the uni bar where I bought them some well-deserved beers. There was myrth! And there was laughter! I swear, they are my favourite parkour swine.

And while reading Mx on my train trip home, I came across this:

This may just be my overblown self-indulgence talking, but I think... that was for me. Last Wednesday, I wore all black - from my boots, to my top and my jacket - except for my skirt which was blue. (But blue and black are practically the same thing if we disregard that "ack" is phonetically different from "ue".) The train line mentioned above happened to be the one I was traveling on. I was handed a note, by the young man seated in front of me, whereupon he told me I was pretty, followed by a series of numbers of which we can assume are the digits of his mobile phone. Not to be rude and completely disregard the note, I shook his hand, told him my name and said, "I'm off at this stop. Nice to meet you." He then told me I had pretty eyes... which I think is a load of bollocks considering I am asian and asians don't generally luck out in the eye department. Just saying.

In conclusion, was that note for me or was that note for me?

Anyway, it's almost 1am. Am heading in again to uni to get as much footage digitised as I can, so shut-eye is in order. I'll scrimp on the words now and leave with my trademark picture dump from the night of my gig and from Hugh's 21st the night after.

Just quickly though: so grateful to everyone who swung by to hear me offend the silence with my vocal chords. Nikk and I did 4 of my originals (So Incredibly Profound, I Quit Being Miserable, If I Wrote A Letter To Myself and Walk Away), The Mamas and the Papas' Dream A Little Dream of Me and Britney's Toxic. Thanks guys! Thanks Nikk!


Hugh's 21st:
(birthday swine & i!)


  1. I love your picture dumps!

    OK. I have a strange question for you. I am also Asian and when I drink I get what we call 'Asian flush'. Do you get that too?

    Oh and I can't remember if I've asked you this before (if I have and you already answered just ignore this) but what nationality are you?

  2. wow, picture overkill

  3. I say go get coffee. He could be AWESOME and you would never know. On the other hand I saw a Lance Bass midday movie that had similar plotlines recently.

    If you have even the slightest inkling that you may be going to meet Lance Bass for coffee - DONT GO. I REPEAT, DONT GO.

  4. That was a huge dump.

    I'm not brash enough to leave notes with numbers for girls on the train.

    Recently, I was swarmed while sitting on the train by what I think were a group of teenage or early 20 something *Dutch* girls. It was awkward. They seemed rude when I mentioned that I was getting up off my ass because my stop was the next one.

    What does this have to do with anything? Thematic similarity via mass transit trains.

    I'm not particularly crazy about coffee but my cousin, who is coincidentally your age has turned me onto a concoction she uses to get herself up in the morning. It consists of boiled water, instant coffee mix, hot chocolate mix, and a spoon of sugar. It keeps me horribly awake and alert. I love it.

    Fuck him, hot coffee with me. hah hah

    don't like the humor. I should stop trying :-P

  5. Shut up, you have gorgeous eyes. You should definitely show up - I would feel very flattered, excited and extremely weird to have such a note directed at me.
    This mystery needs exploration!

  6. Hi, I found your blog after seeing your musical talents on YouTube. The romantic in me is always fascinated by stories like yours (about the mx paper ad). I've read that newspaper so many times and always wondered if any of those people who wrote the ads found their objects of their affection... you should definitely follow it up- it could be interesting and fun! (and don't forget to report back here). Sounds like your very own 'Amelie' moment ;) BTW I'm Asian too and I think it is possible to have nice eyes too, which you do have.

  7. Black Beauty: yeah id say that note was totally for you. as for your eyes, it annoys me that a lot of people think pretty ares are just green or blue.. brown eyes although having a terrible name if find quite aesthetically pleasing. perhaps they just remind me of chocolate... oh how i like chocolate

  8. Well Hello Miss Nikki,

    I like this post, I find it quite photabulous. evidently you are complimented quite a lot, I feel as tho once more could not harm you. To me your blog is nothing short of an entertaining read to which I look forward to reading your next post, yet again.

    MX, I like it how they staple it.

    Your eyes, your right you are Filo and your eyes are..The right word could be 'expected'. In my opinion it is the whole face that could compliment the eyes.. Bring them out so to say. This guys line could of been a little more productive just by saying, You have a nice face, it brings out your eyes.

    Till maybe another 6 months Nikki, Stay alive, don't forget to blink and take much care around strange men on trains.