walang kwenta (no point)

i haven't had time to blog, which for internet-spawn-me is actually equivalent to breathing.

the past two weeks have been a whirlwind of errands & festivities & (un)familiar faces & this trip, by far, is the most hectic i've had of all my vacations.

a complete lack of time for the gym coupled with incessant eating has made me resemble a certain grey mammal with large ears & a trunk. gatherings & the abundance of families are big hindrances to frustrated anorexics.

anyway, just generating a little bustle. i'll be back to spam this space with a plethora of pictures WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

i leave in 2 days, bah.

oh, neil - thank for your early birthday present. a very sweet gesture.


  1. I'm glad that U liked the drawings. I hope that U got all 9 of them & that I didn't accidentally hit send too soon. I don't mind if U resemble an Elephant. They're my favorite type of Animal :-)

    I told U my elephant ride story already. later

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  3. You look gorgeous.

  4. Those big grey mammals are best not mentioned. Especially when they're in the room!

  5. that's a good shot. a sort of knowing glance..