photos yoinked from baz.

eventful weekend, to say the least, & dark undereyes like alaskan winter nights & blotchy skin will attest to this. exhaustion surpasses desire for stringing words & thoughts together. this means no coherence tonight. (not like there usually is).


plenty more where this came from so you'll just have to deal if i want to show off my friends' faces. ha.

p.s. absolute girlcrush on ruby rose. hothothothot, want.


  1. Those are some of my most favourite Asians!

    What wonderful pics! They make me miss you all terribly =(

  2. Hey, Nikki, I hope it’s not tactless of me to bring this up, but I’m glad to see that you’re making videos and writing blog entries again. Whatever it was that got you down a month ago, I hope it wasn’t anything horrifically tragic.

    The world is hungry for more babyporridge!