happy twentieth birthday to my favourite hughberry, the lad with the best bowel movements in town! you are no longer young & supple. do include prunes in your daily diet if you want to retain your title.

first to leave his little shindig because i'm a slave to the not-so-corporate cause & must wake up in a few hours time for my six thirty shift.

today, i thought minnicus died / was being held hostage without my consent but possibly with her consent.
we made plans to meet after my delectably boring class at one. one o clock came & went, as did one thirty. still, there was no minnicus. after nine calls & two txts that remained unanswered & about thirty seven perves at passersby, treff* & i decided to trudge away to chinatown. i wondered several times aloud about the kind of condition i'd find my minnicus in. at five, i get a phonecall from an apologetic minnicus, saying she left her phone at home & had the library clock to go by. thing is, daylight savings happened & the library is like a wrinkling woman with a cane - just not quick to get with the times, literally. so min waited around at her version of one o clock, which is more handsomely known as two o clock. but regardless, I LOVE YOU. EVEN FATE CANNOT KEEP US APART.

*treff & i totally looked like twins today, in jeans & tops as white as my conscience. feasting over eastern baked goods & the psychoanalysis of mankind, i wish i could've gotten a picture. but ah, as it turns out, the stars don't play in my favour & i have no pictures of us looking like (accidental) twins. instead, here is an old one that might be almost as charming:

goodnight everyone. sorry about being so cryptic as of late; let's just say that some things are better left unsaid.


  1. I love to read your posts. Especially about silly things.