a cumulation of things.

i had a nap today, & it was fifty kinds of surreal. my most vivid (& possibly last) recollection of my naps is from back in the fifth grade, for three consecutive afternoons after i lost a gold bracelet with elephant charms from my grandmother.

i suppose that even then, i decisively took my reality diluted with doses of wonderland.

i can't get myself to write this damn feature article. have been struggling for days now. i am, however, consoling myself with the fact that i only have three assessments left to submit, & a little over a week of class left. halle-freaking-berry! (you see what i did there? you totally didn't expect "berry" in lieu of "llujah", don't even pretend!)

let me reiterate this: ONE WEEK OF UNI LEFT FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. & BOY, AM I EXCITED. think of all the havoc i could wreak with that elusively pesky thing called free-time!

speaking of university, two years down my degree, mother says that maybe communications wasn't for me. maybe psychology would've been more appropriate for me since i apparently have a knack for this advice bizness. i lovingly remind her that back in 2006 when considering a course to undertake, i said i wanted to try my hand at psychology. her peanut of wisdom then went something like this:

"psychology? but you're crazy enough to go to a shrink yourself!"
haw haw haw. i'd like to think that my empathy for/with the insane isn't such a terrible thing to have.

anyway, here are two pictures which should give some insight into the extent of my wholesomeness. watch for how lovingly i stare at the queenster!

a few other general things which i feel the need to get off my chest.

* i don't care that second-person narration is tricky business. i will damn well write my stories in second-person-omniscient because that is how i want them to read. eat shit, english conventions & my writing course!

* if you are driving fifty km/h in a seventy zone in front of me, i would like to put you in a human-sized container with leeches & feces. i would like to put you anywhere that is not on my roads.

* my life would attain that extra inch of fulfillment without beyonce. before you throw a revolution in my face, let me remind you that you may not like your gardener. you may not like that kid who sits in front of you in world history who drops fart-bombs like he's misguided american-supremacy & your face is hiroshima. (oh snappp, i went there!) you may not like people who breathe with the same haste as you, & this might all be unjustified & hardly valid. whatever the case, i don't like beyonce.

* i am so annoyed by people who contribute to the gen-y barrage. be quiet, you old cretens! we're not all lazy & spoiled & living off mom & dad's gift-wrapped hundred dollar bills. i study full time & i work a combined total of about thirty hours a week for both of my jobs. i'm ambitious & trying to make something of myself here, & i can name a lot of my cohorts who feel the same way i do. go back to your oatmeal & laxatives.

this has turned quite rage-encrusted! i think right now, i just have some much needed perspective & clarity on a lot of things. i...i am nice on better days, i promise!

i part with this video of kate-miller-heidke who is superabsolutelyphenomenal. i adore her & would very much like to see her perform, as well as threaten her with my company for dinner!


  1. Hear-hear on Gen-Y. Oh to think of the groan-worthy articles I've read about us!

  2. I enjoy Beyonce...just not her current material so much. Good luck on final week. Generations after current generations always claim that the next generation is gonna make the world go to hell. Surprise, Surprise we might already be there.

    Amount of time you work or anything else doesn't define you. People's positions aren't always of their own doing. Societal structure works against people in different and interesting ways. Very nature of your being what you are limits you in various ways...now I'm ranting vaguely.


  3. Strangely, "show original post" link has revealed magically hidden edits. This is exciting - like m&m's inside an easter egg - because I found myself ditto'ing each rant in turn... apart from beyonce; I only hated beyonce since she married jay-z. grrr.

    Oh and I think technically I might be classified as gen-x and so must qualify as an old fart. Funnily enough though I seem to remember the same critiques during my teen-hood too.

  4. I've always had the most vivid dreams in naps, sometimes like slipping in to an alternative reality.

    So I guess that your school is over for the year and summer approaches. While here fall is fast receding, with blustery winds and leaves on the ground (and a new school year, for those geting edumacated)

    Everything is backwards in your world, right down to how the water drains :) [from my North American-centric perspective]

  5. it's not beyonce anymore.
    its 'sasha fierce', lol.

    i would like to back you up on the GenY theory, but i'd probably just be another contradiction.