i'm finishing up damned feature article & i want all one thousand five hundred words done before my head hits the pillow tonight & starts dreaming of business ventures & diet plans.

too bad i'm using my words on a blog & not on the artikol. (i figured eight hundred & sixty words was an alright place to pause.)

anyway, halloween party tomorrow & i might rock up as christmas. green dress, red shoes, tinsel, nay?

oh my lord. ten forty four p.m. & work starts at six thirty a.m. tomorrow. i neeeed to finish this article NOW.

nanowrimo also starts tomorrow & am envious of alex day who seems to have concrete for ideas while i have vapour or, if we're feeling poetic, smoke from a slow-burning cigar. i've got my very loose story idea & my four characters, but other than that, they are one dimensional &
the plot is as sparse as my natural poise. shit. i also have large, obnoxious assessments which take precendence over said story. I'M SO SORRY NANOWRIMO, PLEASE LOVE ME STILL.

a picture is worth a thousand words, & i'm in grave need of six hundred & forty.
in exchange, i leave six hundred & forty words worth one of my finer moments:


  1. hello Nikki

    your title makes me think of The Nightmare Before Christmas

    I like that picture, with its browny tints & grain...

    good luck with the article...

  2. Nightmare before Christmas came to my mind too.

    You should go as a character from Nightmare Before Christmas. I think U could pull off Zero spectacularly. I know, he's the ghost dog but just think of a nice light white dress with a lightbulb red nose, white face make up with dark circles around the face area & maybe a headband with pointy ears that flop at the ends.

    I always really liked the mayor, Dr. Finklestein, and Oogie Boogie. Jack is a great protagonist & Sally is one of the most endearing heroines ever.

    I guess a lot of people might even now be turned off a bit by the combo of a gothic Halloween mixed with an almost Seuss like Christmas.

    Love this flick & it's stunning on Blu-ray...saw it in Blu via my older bro.

    I clearly have too much to say about Nightmare Before Christmas...shutting up now...done

  3. it's always fun to give someone an un-opened mango when it's halloween.

    good luck with your article, when you mentioned that, you reminded me of nanowrimo.
    im sure you can do it.
    1667 words per day is it?

  4. your so crazy i saw you video on your youtube.. lol ..