my hair grows fast.

i've decided that i'm going to keep my new year's resolutions this coming year. i have the convictions of a droopy-eyed fence-sitter & i don't take kindly to change, which is why i'm giving myself these two months to accept them like an accidental newborn.

* write my young adult novel
* write my adult literary novel
* complete a writing exercise every week (i'm very open to writing prompts, guys)
* start gigging, & in effect, get my stage presence up
* actually run the city2surf (i've done the 14km fun run two years in a row now. my endurance is like stale bread so i don't run the entire thing.)
* do chin ups without assistance
* have nice hamstrings, triceps & deltoids (screw the glutes & adductors, i want those babies!)
* be more patient / tolerant
* stop caring about the people who don't matter
* (EDIT) collab with wirrow - i thought you'd never ask (:

everyone & everything will let you down eventually. the only way to stay sane is to not let yourself down.

p.s. made a video the other day. it was shithouse like cable tv's decision to axe oldschool nickelodeon. never seeing the light of day just like the little boy in my closet.

p.p.s. i am terribly disappointed at my inability to justify spending greater than eighty dollars worth on three books. times is hard, yo.
* no one belongs here more than you: miranda july
* love in the time of cholera: gabriel garcia marquez
* unaccustomed earth: jhumpa lahiri

waaaaaaaaaaaaant :(


  1. They all sound like admirable ambitions. I miss old school Nickelodeon too.

    I gave up on New Year resolutions long ago. I'd probably resolve to paint more but I'd likely end up staying @current levels

  2. i enjoyed this post.

    can u add 'collaborate with wirrow' to the list!
    i can make some drawings for your writings

  3. (there's a lovely honest and contemplative quality to that pic)

    although most probably will, it's not certain that everyone will let you down.

    self love = not letting yourself down
    _so often difficult_

    ... re Miranda July, you might see "Me and You and Everyone We Know" if you haven't. It's very original and speaks to an artist's sensibility. It's also quite funny.

    good luck with the hamstrings and various other ambitions listed.

    ( good to see you @ blog)

  4. I love your list of resolutions, which would be far too much for my meagre talent reserves but I'd love to see you achieve them.

    So often I hear the comment from people that everyone lets you down eventually. Maybe I'm an optimist in disguise or simply inexperienced but I don't think that this can be the case.

    Don't forget if your expectations of it are high enough, even a paperclip can let you down. Perhaps if I expect only of people that they be true to themselves, honest and considerate with me then there can be acceptance. If they can't manage that, swiftly refer back to resolution nine: stop caring about people who don't matter.

    This may have been drivel, but I'll cross my toes that it was coherent enough to help as it hurts to see you sad.

    P.S. Not letting myself down should be a resolution if mine this year...

  5. As far as ‘complete a writing exercise every week’ goes, singer-songwriter Steve Earle says that he writes a haiku every day. You could do something like that.

  6. I want your hair. its so pretty