i got snubbed by the man of my dreams

I should begin by noting that the title of this entry is vastly more interesting than the story itself. I will now proceed. So about two nights ago, this guy I know from a class at uni played a cameo role in my dreams. I have exercised all of about sixty words to him from when he asked for computer help, his features never caused a stir in my loins or heart, and I wouldn't even go so far as to call us acquaintances. Despite this and for whatever inexplicable reason, he made an appearance in my dreams.

Lo and behold, while accompanying my mother to an appointment in King's Cross, (yes, it's exactly what you're thinking... if what you're thinking involves questionable circumstances) who should walk by but mr-in-my-dreams himself! I had the riveting compulsion to grab him by my ankles and yell, "fate! we are bound by fate!"

Thankfully, nothing of that ridiculous extent transpired, and the scenario was grossly anticlimactic. He just walked on by like the lyrics to Burt Bacharach's song aptly titled 'Walk On By', and he didn't acknowledge me! I like to dismiss the idea that he totally just didn't see me, considering I was way out of his peripheral vision, but the story is much more enthralling if I pretend that it was an act of defiance to his reciprocated burning lust.

But then my mother bought me a burrito, and all was well. God, I'm such an easy bribe. I jump at the chance to accompany her to appointments, clean dog shit, go for routine lobotomies... all for the promise of food.

(Image stolen from the Guzman y Gomez website. Does product placement get me free burritos? Because I will totally be a repeat customerrr...)

And totally off topic, but whatever, Min. D-Radcliffe is totally a babe.

Guys, I can't thank you enough for reading my blog and reacting to what I say. I wish you could know how incredibly grateful I am for the fact that I have such quality people following and responding to my words. Thank you for such phenomenal comments in the last entry. At risk of sounding any more like a big sap, I throw in the word "hernia" to break the monotony.



  1. I want to touch yer burrito baby! I'd take it over Daniel Radcliffe any day <3

  2. Burt Bacharach is a bit saccharine but totally underrated when it comes to the discussion of great songwriters. Oh yeah, recreating you with nothing but green markers was quite enjoyable.

    P.S. you haunt my dreams much like the mystery man.:-D,

    P.S. on the P.S. Now I'll picture you with that Burrito and I'll think to myself "That Burrito looks really delicious, I should ask her for a bite and if she refuses I'll steal it and consume it quickly"

    P.S. on the P.S. to the P.S. The thought of whacking slow walking people with my crutches also sometimes crosses my mind.

    I'll leave you with that and my other disturbing thoughts. Have a good day or is it night Nikki.

  3. Maybe Mr. Man of your dreams doesn't actually exist. He's a figment of your imagination, to fulfill your subconscious desires to be noticed by someone who you don't know on the internet.

  4. Bloody hell, Guzman and Gomez rule. I swear the put nicotine in their food as it is addictive. Also, I hope you keep writing forevermore and understand that if I saw you in a brothel in Kings Cross I would totally pay you. Time and a half.

  5. Mmmm. That burrito looks delicious. As does Daniel Radcliffe.

  6. We all have strange dreams from time to time, and yours sounds quite normal, not strange at all.

    "You need to talk to this guy" is what your subconscious is telling you.

  7. I've never had a burrito before. :)

  8. dw... i get snubbed by the girl of my dreams everyday! if only youd reply lol!! t.t

  9. It's cool if u don't reply or read my blog. All you'll find is inane commentary on my everyday and creepy articulations of what I think of you. You know, nothing of consequence. =~D

  10. As he walked by, you should have said HEY! You can't just walk by me like that! Do you know who I am?!? I'm Baby mother fucking porridge!!! (you could say it twice but slower to add affect)

    OR you could have thrown your shoe at the back of his head.

    I'm sure that would have done it for you. As you know, I'm an expert with these things, so you should follow my advice to the letter.

    I know! I can talk to the person you're afraid to talk to in Australia! THEN you can come down here and talk to the girl that hung up on me and we can both erase the fact that we totally blew it on our own. It's a fantastic plan.

  11. HOLY crap, I think I totally ignored the "this was a dream" part of your post...

    oops, I guess that's a good reason to actually read.

    Oh well, my advice is still pretty awesome.