So hi. The looney above has wet hair. And seems not to mind!

I have approximately ten minutes til Nerida picks me up & we scurry off to watch a gig. TEN MINUTES, I say. So just a forewarning that I will hit 'submit' when I hear the doorbell, regardless of any conjunctions still requiring nouns, regardless of fragmented sentences, and regardless of general grammatical ineptitude!

I started typing up a blog last night, a Friday night, in which I urged you not to be envious of my supremely cool social standing after I divulged where I spent my Friday night. I, of unparalleled social relevance, spent my Friday night... at the gym. Hahahaha, don't judge me. I got enough judging from Daniel who rang during my heaving and grunting, and was happy to hear that I was out judging from the background noise. I told him I was at le gym and he retracted his happiness :(



  1. wow....

    that was the best bit of jumbled instant randomness. I'm going to have to admit now that there's potentially nothing you can do to make me reject you. Wet hair gets a bad rep. It's probably the best way to have hair be.....

    stica...oh word verification, source of much funniness. I'm beginning to think that I might be late with this year's set of image based "hopefully" awesome visuals.
    I still have a lot of partials and not nearly enough completes.