i left the womb, goodnight


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  2. I like how you edited that picture. Good composition.

  3. Don't tease me like that! My Blogger feed tells me that you have posted something (this) and I navigate to it excitedly only to find no words aside from the five of which its title consists? None of your words, which are by far one of my favorite types of words! I wept inside for many moments. A picture? I refuse to even look at it! /scoff

    I mostly joke, for I do enjoy this picture. I desire to increase my skill with Photoshop and you inspire me with your compositions in the same way you do with your words (but not for the same reason, obv lolol). But I'm still disappointed... During every moment of every day I look forward to reading something new you have written. Don't ever do this to me again.

    Okay, I am kidding again. I will end the creepiness here. For now, at least.

  4. The creepiness from me to you never ends so humor my fixation on you, you beautiful woman both external and in that unseen area with organs and excrement. I've yet to scan this year's tribute to you so bear with me. I'm leaving out the unfinished ones and I'll finish those when I finish them.

  5. I like the 70s film print tinting.

  6. I think it would have been cooler had there been a flying unicorn made of love and a fairy mistress dancing around your face. But I guess it is pretty cool like it is....

  7. im liking the balloon picture :)


    ohhh its a shame about the photos from your 20th :(

    that night of the party... somehow out of nowhere my lens came off and bounced down the wooden floorboard stairs and onto the concrete.
    haha it was so bad! i was frantically searching the floor and someone outside the house came to me with it... how bad is that!

    its never happened before so idk why it happened, but oh well.. no stratches that i know of.. :D