So, Euclidean geometry has to do with points.

Unlike Euclidean geometry, this blog post has no point. I just needed an arena in which to say, "HEY I JUST TOTALLY RE-DID THE MULCH ON OUR FRONT LAWN" because that's just the kind of amazing daughter I am.

Anyway, last night I attended Rose's band's gig with the intention of shooting photographs. As with most of my intentions in life, (like being less embarrassing in public situations, having Kelly Ripa arms, & spawning Hugh Jackman's offspring) this intention fell by the wayside & died. DIED, I tell you. Camera just stopped working & Papa has pronounced it dead or a lemon. So I booed & I hissed, as one does.

So essentially, I am & will be heartbroken until after public holidays & I can take it for a checkup.

But in the meantime, I am being un-sad through infectious pop with words I have internalised & wear on my sleeves or bare elbows! This song is my anthem, you guys!


  1. My anthem is something all together different ... it's called "A Little Piece of Heaven" and it's about necrophilia. People tend to frown upon it. I just think it takes all types to make a world.

  2. Fantastic Anthem, I totally sing it in the shower.

  3. This may be a terrible time to point out that generally people don't mulch lawns. If you meant flower beds, then all is right with the world. Likewise, if you meant top-soil, which is great for lawns, then may your thumbs stay eternally green!

  4. The first time I saw or heard that any song by Mika it was in a movie theater and they were playing his music video. I'm still not sure if it was serious or not.

    we don't do anything to our lawn. Maybe you could drop by and assess what we need done :-D

  5. Oh tis a sad day when a camera dies. Don't worry, it's in camera heaven.