image dump

So hi. I may be holding a toilet seat, but that doesn't mean you can judge me. I am not a book. Today I successfully assembled & installed a toilet seat, & this is clearly a significant thing because starting now, I am well-equipped in the ways of a bona-fide husband! Also, I'd appreciate it if you didn't ask who owns the heavy arse in my household because I will lie through my teeth & insist it's not me.

I am dumping a bucketload of images here, on account of I am being mopey & nostalgic about my non-functioning camera. WE HAD GOODTIMES, LITTLE ONE. Come back to me!


  1. some really nice shots there Nikki, and nice to you watermarking them :)

  2. nice shots of family & friends.

    I've known how to bust a toilet seat very easily for a long time. I need heavy duty toilet seats, lol

    I got Tickets for the opening playoff game for the Vancouver Canucks...I'm very excited. I haven't been to a game since I was 9 or 10, and it's like a rule for being Canadian that you are a fan or have a certain tolerance for Ice Hockey.

    So YaY for me + R.I.P. for your non-functioning camera. You should go pour some liquor into the earth in memorial to it/him/her/wtf?

  3. aw the pictures of your parents and grandparents are awesome.

  4. oh and the others were good too, sorry lol

  5. That black + white kiss is priceless... love the scrunched up face :)

    You're lucky you can get shots of your family; whenever my camera comes out, people dive behind the bushes. So. Annoying.

    Anyway - really nice work!