the weather is a girl-child after my own heart.


  1. For a second I was searching for the button that says "comment with a picture". I spend too much time online.

    Love that flower. Oh yeah... and you.

  2. Oh look another amazing picture...BOOOORING! Can't you mix it up and take some crappy, blurry, unrecognizable pics like the rest of us? I'm totally kidding! I love to see the NikPix.

    Looks like your camera is fixed, I hope you got a discount after captain classy checked you out!

  3. im glad that the weather is sssooooo wounderful in austrialia.
    in my neck of the woods, the weather is a little bitch that is raining on my parade. i almost got hit twice on my way home for lunch cause of the rain. take care and i hope your car is all fixed up. no car sux, i know.

  4. It was a nice day in Vancouver & I had an exam. At least I got this pic of you with a pretty l'il flower to keep the study and test anxiety down.

    So was the pic taken with the camera that you took in because it was still under warranty?

  5. Glad i stumble on to your blog read some of your earlier post.. and Im a fan, look forward to future post