vapid things

The receptionist who swipes my card every Sunday morning at the gym is an absolute babe. I also usually prefer not to be accused of male objectification, so instead of unleashing adjectives about his jawline, smile, physique & general studliness, I'll hold my tongue now & you can just imagine said babe-ness for yourself.


Last night, I was Min's date to lovely Irene's fairytale themed 21st. After a rigorous toss-up between Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella, I came to the realisation that I owned no such red-cape & the only resemblance I had to Cinderella was the tendency to lose glass slippers, if by 'glass slippers' we mean my parents' hope in having decent offspring, my car keys & the attention span of my readers. So naturally I came to the conclusion that bestiality isn't so looked down upon these days, & thus I decided to go as Puss in Boots. The beautiful Min & I below:

In the following pictures, you will see me in the presence of my favourite ethnics, Min & I sharedly slow-dancing with Max to Westlife songs, & Queenie's boobies covered by a giant heart. (Why giant heart & not a giant squid, you may ask? Because a giant squid is not nearly as appropriate for the title of 'Queen of Hearts! DUH!')

...& this is my cue to leave!


  1. Hi ms.porridge, I wanted to know if you could do me a HUGE favor. At the end of July I'll be traveling to the great land of Australia for 5 short days. In those 5 days I will do much traveling in and around the Sydney area. I'm definitely going to find and bring back many mementos, but one thing I want more than any stuffed koala bear is a picture with the world famous babyporridge! You're part of my blife, being the only person (for some reason) to comment on my blog! And let's not forget the whole, putting my video on your channel thing. I will always be grateful for that even though I have since stopped making videos. Of course if you can't it's totally understandable, just know that if you can't, it will most likely ruin my trip and set into motion a chain of events that will destroy every part of my life! lol ok enough dramatics! If you can't it's totally fine, I'm meeting a few people down there who I have also met on the tubes and if I could also meet you and get a picture that would be awesome but if not no worries!

  2. "Why you gotta be so heartless" -Kanye

    Is when it comes to those pictures. Looks like a good party.

  3. looks liek a fun nite uv duhbotcherry.

    U shud uv wint azz uh madgik karpit.
    I allwayz njoyd n-e uv duh 1000 n 1 nites or Uhrabien nites taylz Ive red.

    jus fur gruhtootitusness

    that was hard to get through. I can't type in stupidity for very long. we should down some grey goose and tequila together some time. I'll hold your hair back as you puke if you hold mine.

    Puss in Boots - Please say that you spoke like Antonio Banderas for the whole night. It would make my night. :-D